Manage your career fairs effectively

Manage your career fairs effectively

Cazar’s solution lets you manage graduate and career fair recruitment effectively so that your hiring team can spend less time processing applications and more time engaging with top candidates. With our career fair websites, you will:

  • Slash candidate application time by up to 80%
  • Capture twice the number of applicants at your stand
  • Get the highest ROI possible from your career fairs 

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Fully mobile optimized

Job fair candidates are on the go, keep them engaged with a website they can access straight away either through their smartphone or tablet.

At Cazar, we design career fair sites where graduates can not only view your jobs but also apply to them in just a few minutes.

Candidates can apply in a flash

Candidates can enter their contact details and provide useful information without having to upload their CV.

Filter the top candidates

You can ask specific questions regarding criteria you are looking for, such as GPA, Area of Study, Academic Institution or Language Skills. This allows you to quickly filter through the candidates you need.

Fully customizable

We create the career fair site with the layout, design and languages you require to attract top graduates.

Perfectly integrated

All applicant data goes directly into our Sniperhire platform, which means recruiters can manage applicants throughout the entire recruitment journey.


You can reconfigure your site every time you participate in a career fair by modifying the header, content, vacancies and application process to suit your needs.

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