Reduce process time and
improve hire outcomes

Sniperhire Recruitment Management System rapidly identifies top candidates, and eliminates delays associated with offline recruitment processes.

The solution offers sophisticated capabilities to search track and score.

Sniperhire has an innovative interview module with efficient communication tools.

Sniperhire Capabilities

Customise your application process

Customisation of the application process to match individual requirements

Easy management. Real time updates.

Real-Time Updates to keep Hiring Managers and recruiters on top of the process

Interview management

Fully configurable interview management, including MS Teams, Zoom video interviews, face-to-face, psychometric testing, panel interviews and assessment centres.

Enterprise configuration

Scalable solution that is suitable for enterprise-level configurations

Smart tagging and screening

Automated Evaluation, smart tagging and rapid screening of large volumes of applicants

Quick profiles

Instant access to quick profiles with snapshots of all required applicant dates for accelerated decision making

Track thousands of applicants at a time

Capability to track and undertake on the fly status checks

Candidate management

Easy Candidate Management

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