Intelligent Process Automation for global recruitment


Reach your Target Candidates within minutes

The big change that has happened in our times is the “demise” of the mass media. Today’s audience attention is scattered across multiple media. Sniperhire enables instant posting of your requirement across relevant social media, job boards and aggregators (like LinkedIn). You can upload job openings on your own career site/intranet. With Sniperhire, you benefit from employee referral, Internal mobility opportunities, as well as your own talent pool database.


Targeted and directed engagement funnel

We transform your career website into a strategic and effective sourcing touch point. It enables you to attract, engage and onboard suitable candidates.
Sniperhire enables sending of email job alerts, instant announcement of openings, rapid classification through geo location and SEO enablement.


Seamless means to Tag, Track and Hire

Speed up your recruitment process by 60% while recruiting the right fit candidates. We achieve accuracy with the use of Smart Technology, sophisticated scoring systems, search and track capabilities and innovative interview modules.


Transform new recruits to contributing employees

Empowered onboarding is the last mile connect that can make or mar the recruitment process. With Sniperhire on your side, you get a guided pathway to successful Onboarding. Our onboarding platform ensures seamless engagement, and the right level of education and empowerment.


Capture and sustain institutional memory

Our reporting platform delivers instant access to recruitment statistics, including detailed data on specific stages of the hiring cycle up to complex top level analysis. Assimilating these will enable improved efficiencies and refine the processes.

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