Make your company more efficient

Make your company more efficient

Achieving optimal efficiency is a key objective for organisations in KSA this year.

This is especially true in a company’s recruitment function, which can often be quite cumbersome, complex, incomplete, and inconsistent. Below are 3 main areas where you can get quick wins this year in terms of recruitment cost, control and efficiency.

1. Agencies: measure their performance and cost

Most employers in Saudi Arabia rely heavily on recruitment agencies to hire the right people. However, few are able to track and manage them. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

– How much are agencies costing the business every year?
– Which agencies provide the best candidates?
– Which agencies provide the most candidates?
– Which agencies are the most responsive?
– Can we track the status of our vacancies with an agency?
– Can we track the agency’s internal onboarding processes?
– Can we report in real time on all aspects of the agency’s activities?

If you would like to know more about how to track and manage these costs, please contact us.

2. Have an effective onboarding process

The onboarding phase of recruitment is where companies lose a lot of new employees. Administrative processing is time-consuming and often highly manual. Because it tends to be the longest part of the process, keeping these recruits engaged is challenging. Questions you should be asking yourself include:

– How long is your average onboarding process?
– What is the drop-out rate during onboarding?
– Can the company track where employees are in the onboarding process?
– Can you identify the bottlenecks?
– Is everything still highly manual?
– Is the new recruit’s information centrally stored?
– Can you easily report on employees starting tomorrow, next week, next month
– What kind of first impression are you offering new employees?

Watch this short demo video to discover how one of our clients, Viva, uses our platform to streamline and automate every step of their new employee onboarding process.

View demo in Arabic

To find out more about how Cazar can help make your new employee onboarding a breeze, click here or contact us and we can arrange an appointment

3. Actively manage your visas

In KSA, managing expat visas is very time-consuming and most organisations struggle when it comes to tracking and reporting on them. Where do you stand?

– Do you have a centralized visa system?
– Can you track all visas at any point in time?
– Are you aware of visas that are expiring soon so they can be utilized or extended?
– Are you able to efficiently allocate visas for current and future hiring?
– Can you identify which visas are not being utilized so they can be re-allocated?
– Have you ever lost money because of unused visas?

Cazar’s Sniperhire end-to-end recruitment software includes powerful visa management capabilities that allow you to track where your visas are at any point in time throughout the recruitment cycle. Find out more in this video.

View demo in Arabic

For additional information, please call us to arrange a meeting.

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