Hiring Solutions clients win ‘Hewitt Best Employers in the Middle East 2009’ awards

Hiring Solutions clients win ‘Hewitt Best Employers in the Middle East 2009’ awards

Kuwait’s Alghanim Industries and UAE’s Jumeirah Group (both premier Hiring Solutions clients) are the recepients of the inaugural ‘Hewitt Best Employers in Middle East 2009’ awards.

Alghanim Industries won the top ten employers in the region award while Jumeirah Group won the Emerging International Best Employer in the Middle East honour.

The 2009 Hewitt Associates study examined the people management practices in 250 leading organisations across the region. The company has conducted its Best Employer study in a number of markets, including Eastern Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia, and has recently expanded to include the Middle East.

Throughout the study, data was collected using three proprietary tools developed by Hewitt: the Employee Opinion Survey gauged the level of employee engagement and gathered information on employee perceptions of their work environment; the People Practices Inventory™ gathered information about philosophies, practices, and policies that influence the management of people; and finally, the CEO Questionnaire explored the alignment between business strategy and people policies.

The Best Employers were then selected by an independent judging panel including representatives of academia, government organisations, the human resources profession and the business community. The panel evaluated information on a ‘blind’ basis whereby the judges were unaware of the identity of participating organizations until after the decisions were made.

Jim Batchler, Chief HR Officer, Alghanim Industries was quoted saying, “Being named as a best employer in the region validates our efforts to develop and implement world-class people management practices, and serves as a motivator to continue toward that goal. We are extremely proud of what this award signifies, and plan to build on this success in the coming years.”

Alghanim Industries and Jumeirah Group are among the first companies in the Middle East to invest in improving the candidate experience and providing cutting-edge tools to their recruiters to automate hiring. They have been effectively using Sniperhire e-recruitment platform from Hiring Solutions to lower costs, hire fast and to improve the quality of hires.

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