Cazar’s Arabic solution

Cazar’s Arabic solution

Make it easier for candidates and your hiring team

If you want to capture quality Arab talent, offer them a candidate experience in their own language. At Cazar, we can ensure that all your candidate touch points are not only available in English but also in Arabic.

Recruiters also get access to a fully translated Sniperhire software, making it easier for them to manage talent acquisition on a daily basis.

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You can also consult our brochure (Arabic, English)

An attractive career website
Deliver a message that speaks to the candidates you want to hire with a bespoke Arabic mobile responsive website.

A smooth application process
Cazar’s search tool and online application process are fully translated in order to capture quality Arab Nationals.

Advanced candidate and onboarding portal
With Cazar, onboarding employees is a breeze. We deliver specially designed onboarding websites so that you can keep your new hires engaged and process them efficiently.

A seamless experience for recruiters
Our Sniperhire applicant tracking system lets your hiring team work with an Arabic interface for a superior user experience.

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