Cazar Brings Together Top Malaysian Employers

Cazar Brings Together Top Malaysian Employers

January 28th 2014 – Talent Acquisition Malaysia 2014 gathered members of the Board, CEOs, senior decision makers and top HR professionals from the Malaysian Government and Government-Linked Companies at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur last week to discuss and find tangible solutions to the critical talent challenges facing Malaysian employers today.

The World Bank has labelled Malaysia’s brain drain problem as ‘intense’, a situation that will escalate in line with the growth being created by efforts from the Government Transformation Programme and innovative companies throughout Malaysia.

Facilitated by Steven Yeong, MD of HOF Consulting, Stefan Sawh, Regional Director of Cazar, leading employer branding and recruitment technology company, highlighted the importance of leveraging opportunities in social media, mobile and technology in recruitment operations.

Sawh comments, “Malaysia’s high levels of internet, social media and smartphone penetration create an important market for employers to tap in to. More than two-thirds of Malaysians are using social media for their job searches and say they prefer it to traditional advertisements, and even among older age-brackets of 55-64, usage of social networks has doubled in the past year. Some reports put Malaysia’s twitter usage at the second highest in the world, and Malaysians have more Facebook friends on average than anywhere else.”

Bryan Fuge, former VP of Recruitment for Qatar Airways, who is now leading Lapor Talent Acquisition Advisory, was also a keynote speaker. He gave a detailed roadmap of how organisations in Malaysia can tackle their talent challenges directly with their in-house recruitment teams, also highlighting some of the new tools on the recruitment landscape such as one-way video interviewing, and methods to leverage social media, build a talent pool and create an internal executive search agency.

A lively panel discussion concluded the presentations, covering key topics such as internal mobility, employee engagement and how technology must contribute to talent acquisition.

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