Dar Al Riyadh builds a global recruitment strategy

Dar Al Riyadh builds a global recruitment strategy

Dar al Riyadh is one of the biggest and fastest growing Engineering Groups in Saudi Arabia, leading some of the most high profile projects in the Kingdom. In 2012, DAR saw an increase in the number of projects they were being awarded and realized that the recruitment function was going to play a pivotal role in the organization’s future growth.


  • Sourcing talent at the speed required by the business was a challenge
  • The company looks for very specialised engineers and project managers that are geographically dispersed
  • 70% of hires had to come from agencies


  • Implemented the Sniperhire recruitment platform to automate every step of the hiring cycle
  • Launched a DAR-branded career website targeted to potential candidates


  • 20% decrease in time-to-hire every month since launch
  • Built a talent pool of 36,000 qualified candidates in the first 6 months
  • The company predicts a 40% reduction in costs within the first year
  • A stronger employer brand internally and externally

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