UOWD, One Software, Two Solutions

The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is a premier Australian university in the Middle East providing world-class higher education to 3,500 students through 250 staff.


  • UOWD helps students and recruiting organisations connect and needed a tool to make this more efficient
  • UOWD was continuously looking to attract professors around the world to Dubai and UOWD
  • The recruitment process was slow because screening was manual and very labour-intensive


  • Implementation of the Sniperhire recruitment platform both for student placement and recruitment
  • The launch of a career website


  • Recruitment has become very thorough and much faster than before
  • 100% of all hires now come through the Sniperhire system, making the entire process efficient and easy to track
  • Reaching international candidate has become much easier with the university’s online presence


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