Borouge Recruits the Future of Plastics

Borouge Recruits the Future of Plastics

Borouge is at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovation. With a current team of 1,700 employees, the group plans to grow by a further 1,300 people by 2013. In order to achieve this, it needed to revamp its recruitment process and system.


  • Recruitment was admin-heavy and time-consuming
  • Time-to-hire was up to 6 months for some positions
  • The company has ambitious growth plans and growing recruitment needs
  • Candidate experience was not satisfactory


  • Implementation of the Sniperhire recruitment platform
  • Candidate sourcing optimization
  • A targeted corporate career site


  • Within the first few months, 100 hires were made directly through the system
  • Screening CVs, which used to take a month, now takes a few days
  • Borouge receives 250 applications a day in their talent pool
  • Traffic to the career site reached 350k visitors in the first 6 months

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